Scalable Content Cloud

SquareDox centralizes content store across your entire organization. Save your documents, drawings , medical images and other files in various formats. Your teams can now easily and securely access their work from any device – desktop or mobile . Squaredox can keep up with your organization growth - May it be number of users or storage size. All your content is stored using leading security and encryption standards.

Collaboration- San Frontier !

Your business depends on active collaboration. Bring all your internal users , external users under one collaboration platform. Accelerate your business processes by collaborating with talent across geographical boundaries. Squaredox maintains logs on who did what and when for audit. Maintain multiple versions of document and ensure that the users always get updated and latest version.

Share Large Files

SquareDox makes sharing of large files easy. Now large files blocked by email servers can be exchanged using Sqauredox. Share via link or invite them to collaborate. You can be granular about the access rights to team members invited to share a file or folder. is quick and simple. By just sharing a link, you can now send anything from Cad drawings to Videos – with anyone, even if they don’t have a SquareDox account.

No Compromise Security

At SquareDox, security is our highest priority. We secure your content with built-in controls, from granular consents to strong user authentication. We protect data and keep your work organized. You are in control of your data. Your data is always secure and encrypted in REST and in transit.

SqaureDox Forms - First step to RPA

Squaredox Forms is first step to Robotic Process Automation within your organization. You can easily author forms and workflows and gather data. The data can be analyzed and processed on Squaredox or exported. In excel or many other format. Roll our patient enrollment form or surveys and polls to your audience. Forms can also be submitted for customer signature by integration with Squaresign – Legally bind E-Signature solution.

Private Storage Drives for your Employees

  • Easily provision storage drives for your employees.
  • Facilitate team collaboration.
  • Secure files from rogue access.
  • Track file usage logs.

Secure Backup

  • Secure backup of critical enterprise data.
  • Schedule backup with Native Apps.
  • Restore backups with user friendly web portal.

With SquareDox


Centralize Content Management

Store and share Content across your Organization in Unified cloud platform.

Transform your Workflows

SquareDox digitizes your workflows for faster execution.

Borderless Collaboration

Effortless collaboration with your teammates across various time zones.

Super Secure

Secure content with built-in controls with strong user authentication.




Windows Desktops

Windows Servers

Apple macOS

Apple iOS